Brother of the Wolf uses respectful guidance to teach dogs the desired hierarchy within the home. Nothing is left to chance. Each dog is treated as an individual, each owner's long-term goals are respected. We offer Trust-Based Training. Say NO to fear-inducing training techniques!

Dawn is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the American Kennel Club and now does Puppy Aptitude Testing.  

Dawn has over forty years of training experience and applies her background in psychology to her training techniques. Her Cherokee/Chicamauga/ Shawnee heritage influences her every observation and training session. 


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 We are proud to announce that Miguel Perez is now an Associate Trainer at Brother of the Wolf. Miguel brings his experience in Therapy Dog and Support Dog training to add to our many services. Miguel will also be Chief of Off-site Training 
beginning in March, 2017. 
We welcome Miguel and his service and therapy dog, Brandy into the WolfPack.

Brother of the Wolf, LLC is proud to announce a new program entitled:

Support Dog Training and Certification

   If you or someone you know has a panic or anxiety disorder we will train your dog to recognize these symptoms and provide comfort to you.

    During the Support Dog Training  Classroom Module we provide an intensive, 4 wk program (one session a week for 4 weeks) with LOTS of homework. Your dog will learn what stresses you and how to react to bring you a sense of safety and comfort in any situation. If he or she passes the evaluation at the end of the four week program we will begin the Field Work Module.

   The Field Work Module includes visits to a pet store, a restaurant, and a participating Home Depot, plus one or two visits to a nursing home to socialize her and allow her to cue into your emotional stressors, responding appropriately to your needs. (Although trips to the pet store and restaurant are included in the fee for certification there is a service fee of $50.00 per nursing home visit).

   After the Field Work Module your dog will again be evaluated through the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program. A separate fee of $35.00 will be assessed for the evaluation, plus the AKC’s service fee when your dog passes the test. This service fee is paid to the AKC and is not a charge benefiting Brother of the Wolf. However, we will test your dog a second time at no cost to you if your dog does not pass the test the first time.

   If your dog passes each evaluation he or she will be certified as a full-access Support Dog and will receive a service vest, tags, and other items that announce to the public that he or she is part of the working dog community!

   The Americans with Disability Act guarantees Service (Support) Dogs access to any public place in America. You need not inform any member of the public of your dog’s specific purpose; you merely show the inquiring individual your certification and you will be allowed entrance.

   The fee for this unique program is offered for a limited time. It does not include the nursing home service fee, the AKC evaluation, or the fees benefitting the AKC.

   After March 15, 2016, the fee for this program is $700.00 plus 7% sales tax. We accept cash or Paypal for this program. Payment must be made before training begins. Service fees for the Canine Good Citizen evaluation and the nursing home visit(s) are cash only at the time of the participation. No refunds. A contract agreement must be in place before the program begins.  

   Email brotherofthewolftraining@comcast.net or call or text us at 856.981.8957 for questions and/or to schedule an interview. There is no fee for the interview. Candidates must bring their dog to the interview.  Dogs must be housebroken and at least one year old. Further training for Therapy Dog Certification may be offered at the discretion of staff members.

   Make this the beginning of your stability. We are Brother of the Wolf. We are different.

Wado udohiyu (thank you very much in the Cherokee language).

Dawn Watson

Owner, Brother of the Wolf, LLC


You may notice that we recently changed our Support Dog Program's name. Formerly called the Emotional Support Dog Program, it was brought to our attention that certain factions question allowing full access to Emotional Support Dogs. While we are continuing our research on this issue we have decided to change the name of the certification and training to provide our clients with the privacy they deserve. The federal government protects the rights of those with emotional and mental disorders as well as those with physical limitations. We at Brother of the Wolf support your right to enjoy full access to all public places when your companion dog is certified as a working dog. If you have questions about our support please call or email us. Wado.
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